Switzerland - St. Gallen

Bauherr Stadtwerke St. Gallen, Schweiz
Contractor Subunternehmer Huber Leitungsbau
Ort der Baustelle St. Gallen, St. Leonhard Straße
Beschreibung Two steel pipe jackings OD 609 mm for crossing under 3 streets for the installation of community heating pipes
Ausgeschriebene Leistungen Guided steel pipe jacking, distance 59 m to cross under 3 streets with 7 lanes, soil conditions refill material, clay, bricks, old foundations etc.
Alternative Methodes des Auftragnehmers Guided steel pipe jacking with down-the-hole hammer
Depth of Coverage 2 m
Accuracy vertically ± 5 cm; horizontally ± 15 cm
Time for Job or Production Rate 3 weeks including job site setup and changing the positions of the jacking frame for the second drive
Driving Length 59 m
Any other Specifics Obstacles in 15 m distance from the launch shaft, 25 cm under the bottom and above the top of the steel pipe
Ground conditions
Described Ground in the Ground Report Refill material, clay, bricks, old foundations etc.
Encountered Soils Refill material, clay, bricks, parts of old foundations etc.
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